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transparent beta – a month ago

Very average academic quality but fees are EXHORBITANTLY HIGH. Everything from multiple sets of uniform to stationery is designed to make BUSINESS not studies. We can say this with more than 5 years of experience with this school. It has becoming worse every year! Just the annual fees for senior class for 2020 is 1.7 LACS. If you add admission fee, uniform, books, transport it is 2.5 lacs !! There is absolutely no difference in quality of teachers or students with any other school. Result in board exams is very ordinary. Academic schedules are often mismanaged and changed whimsically by teachers and principal. It is just LOOTING in broad daylight in the name of education !

Rhea Chakraborty – a week ago

This school was much much better when Joseph Mathew was the director. The new director, Amita Prasad is horrible. She overworks and underpays the teachers, is rude with them and is overall degrading the school's status. Admission is going down all due to the ways she runs the school. She only knows how to waste money on useless decor. Junior section of the school is still good but senior section is horrible thanks to her kicking out the best teachers just because they went against her opinion. As long as she is director, please do not admit your child to this school.

abc truth – a week ago

Can we give NEGATIVE rating ?? IVWS and BD Memorial School have same promoters and same malpractices. Pay more than 2 lakh fees per year so that the promoters can make new school building. Pay absurd inflated prices for summer, winter uniform, stationary every year! And get education worse than government school! Almost all the teachers are low quality, unprofessional and complete the formality of classes in hap-hazard manner, without any care for the students learning. Effect is visible in poor performance of the school in board examinations. Selecting this school for my child was one of the biggest misfortunes in my life.

Isha Roy – 3 months ago

This place is nice..all students will like that place for the ambiance..the ambiance is very good & well maintained

Bijay Ghosh – 4 months ago

Good school but too much fees.