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Ragavendran Chandran – 4 years ago

This is one of the best school in my times .....I love this school bcoz this is my school of my life and i had studied here for 5 yrs ie 1-5 .... I had enjoyed my childhood education here bcoz i love the place it has big ground for 7 yr old boy i small but child is big and i school van travel for abt 1.5 yrs bcoz my village is abt 10 km in 2000 in village it is so far still i seem very far and we round all the village near board my school mates .... But now it is not that grt it is used to be in my childhood bcoz now that place had many new school and i love the school still and i played in the computer in that school only i saw the computer in that school.... Back there will be game called road rash game this is famous and well known game by kids 90 and early 2000s ..... That was game.... No game can beat that game in era 90 kids......

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