3.6 Based on 97 reviews
Deepa Jagan – a year ago

This school is full of partiality only some teachers are good and this school only see the mark. If you get failed in any test you will be treated as dunce. If you want your child to have great future which is not based on only marks and be bold in society and friendship with both boys and girls please don't choose this school. very worst rest room. Which is not hygiene.

Manikandan G – 2 weeks ago

Very bad school No services in the school

Kirito – a year ago

Best school for studying both discipline and education and also the memories of school life can't be forgetten

Hazana Noorin – a year ago

whatever may be strict.... the school taught me many many good things...

Sanjeevi Ram Kumar – a year ago

Useless one, u will become a bookworm here, no extra curricular activities, no labs, no sports, only marks are important for the management, in order to earn money. U will learn nothing here, maybe u can lost yourself like me