3.2 Based on 33 reviews
Dhira Bobba – 3 months ago

I have been studying in The Schram Academy -Nolambur from junior kindergarden .... now I am in class 6 ....but still lovin the school . The teachers don't give the students more pressure ...the give us work and fun activities which stops me from feeling the pressure and make the lessons much more interesting and fun.The school gives equal consentration in sport's like the pupils who are good in athhletics will be sent to the athletic meets with a staff and the PT master , the scool takes us to swimming pool and teaches all the students of the respective class .

Senthil Kumar Ranganathan – 7 months ago

IGCSE classes conducted online are very poor. We hear more excuses for not conducting classes than number of classes conducted. Over that the quality of teaching and tool gives to staff are no way Cambridge level.

sherene Maria – 5 months ago

Is there any apartment for sale or rent for nearby this school



firdouse fathima – 4 years ago

This is a very good school I like it a lot.i am studying from kindergarden and now in 7th. A very nice school worth of money