4.3 Based on 1427 reviews
Poonam Rawat – a month ago

Really loved the infrastructure and well maintained, clean hospital. Most of their staff is nice welcoming. Doctors are good, well qualified & listens carefully to patients problem & concerns. I just feel it's a bit pricey..cost of medicine, treatment & tests is more than other hospitals.. but overall it's good.

Arya Basu – a year ago

One of the best hospitals I have ever visited. The facilities provided are very good and the staff are caring. The doctors are well qualified and experienced.

ROHIT SAMBARE – a month ago

Very nice hospital and staff. I was operated for the tumor in the descending colon by Dr. Rahul Gupta. I was referred to him by another doctor. He had taken quick decision for operation and performed very effective surgery and consulted me very well for further treatment.

Shashank Dhyani – a year ago

The staff of hospital working on reception and billing counters is not professional in their work , most of them do not behave properly, they lack in hospitality and even they do not address patient or visitor's issues or problems properly. Last day I took my uncle to doctor, and he send us to reception of cardiologist lab where they did echo of my uncle and the staff told us to take their report after 2 hours, so I returned to receptionist after two and half hour but she said that the report is not prepared yet and she told me to sit, I asked her again after 10 or 15 minutes for echo report but she did not respond properly and when I and my uncle requests her please give us report at time, we have to show it doctor before 4 PM then after such efforts she gave us report. The ironical part is that they had prepared report of that patient whom echo done after my uncle and the most irritating and confusing thing is that when i was making efforts to get the report , the patients , who got their echo at that time, received their report after 15 or 30 minutes. So the question is why I have to wait for 4 hours and make numbers of request to get my report which other got easily? I also paid full amount for test. Please improve your system of billing and reception.

Arun Singh – a week ago

I took my Mother for COVID vaccination to Synergy hospital yesterday and found out that the vaccination booth doesn’t have proper curtains placed. The side of the curtain is open and there is nobody from the hospital staff standing outside the booth to ensure others are not standing outside the booth and peeping inside. The curtain is there but it is of no help. Whatever is happening inside is clearly visible from the outside of the booth. I’m concerned about the women and especially younger girls. During winters they usually tend to wear full sleeves, which need to be removed in order to take the vaccination on the arm. In that case, if the curtain is not covering the view, it’s a worrisome situation.