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Rahul Patel – 3 years ago

The vision of the college is to emerge as the best-leading college among the world by providing a secure atmosphere to the students so that they enable to grab more knowledge and practical experience.

Rajneesh Yadav – 2 years ago

Nice place for studying for a test tomorrow and will be back to work tomorrow night so I'll just have me a call if is possible to have a good City it's not too late to change the time of the year to get a hold you mean by me add the following is a list of what we need to add the following to good City it's not like I have to get my channel is received by you want to do the same thing but good City Hall to be a good day to be a part of this team is received and I will be in the mail to my channel is the game at me for not being there for me and the kids are going good City it's been awhile to get back on the road to do you have any other questions please you and your family are doing well and enjoying it and I don't want to get into a routine is received by you want to go out to the other email I received is not the case then I will have to get together and have a good City it's been awhile to get back on each side you will be able e e e ke pith h bhaiya se kaha ki jangal ke bsf ki firing men tin bar tiket se pahale bjp ke pith hai ki vikas ki kya chat kar i thi ki vikas dar men kami aayegi aur bacche ke pith hai ki jangal ke bsf ke pith hai ki kya bat hai ki kya bat hai tabhi ke pith hai tabhi to Rajneesh yadav ho gaya tha lekin ab to samarthan men utare star ke pith h h h h k k a samman se pahale hai tabhi to Rajneesh Kumar ko yah hai tabhi to thi nahi jakar reality shows ke pith ke bsf ki firing ki

Rohit kumar – 10 months ago

Thank you 🥰

PUSHPRAJ SINGH – 2 years ago

This is duplicate place Original location is another one

Lone Wolf – 3 years ago

Nice campus