4.3 Based on 36 reviews
Papan Saha – 4 months ago

It's really a good school.

Zoro – 4 months ago

Traumatic experience

Notun Kichu Sikhi – 6 years ago

My favorite school kuli k g s vidyapith.also called ghosh school...

Md Vai Films – 2 years ago

I love my school

Md. Mozammel Hossain – 3 years ago

Kuli Kolesh Ghosh Srity Vidyapith, this is the actual name, in short its known as Kuli Ghosh School, this is my School, i have spend 6 year in this school, my the sweet childhood. It was the very nice time for me. out of my all life till now , that time was golden time. there was many teachers, those are the best teacher of my life, Basu Dev Sir, Girja Sir, Lifesci teacher, i forget the name, sunil sir, oh.. thy loved me very very much... will be continued.