Vani MHSS M.Bakkam Paduvancher

Chengalpet, Tamil Nadu -




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Arjun Arjun – a year ago

Best school to study .....I was a student in this school....they give first importance to discipline.....very strict in studies....good coaching.....teachers were sooo friendly....u can learn lot of things ...they give equal importance to extra curricular activities....the best school in coaching ....and in discipline.....our correspondent is so friendly to students 😊

Malarvizhi Karthikeyen – 4 months ago

I'm going to study in these school 🎒📚

udhaya kumar vinoth – a year ago

They are strictly followes students rules in that school

vignesh vignesh – a year ago

This is wonderful school

19_4122_Seenuvasan V – 6 months ago

They will teach the discipline and good manners,and they make you study always ( it's very good for you) but it's very strict and standard rules of this School ( Before that I have no discipline and response having a hairstyle and no studying in 10th but I scored 450 in 10th Tamil Nadu board exam studied from SDA school Chengalpattu) ,after joining in this little Jacky school I really changed all the things I born as a new men ( and I got a best altitude student in 11th ) and in 12 th I studied well and scored best results ,I am thankful to little Jacky group of school Chengalpattu !!👨‍🎓😊 And now I'm studying in one of the top 10 engineering college, department of CSE in tamil nadu as a disciplined Men , Thank you Little Jacky 🥰 , I'm missing those wonderful school days today...🥲 First day I felt really sad , I really disappointed with this school , day by day I got changed , So juniors don't disappoint and get sad , first day no one talk with anyone , looks like very difficult ... If you are mastered with studies, Skills, Sports, and friendly disciplined ( you are the one of the best student ); I'm promising you.👍🏻 Tips: 1) Remember one thing don't come here to enjoy with girls or making atrocities with friends, no more way ( you are destroying yourself) mind that. 2) Do your work regularly...Such as maths assignment, record work, etc... 3) Respect Teachers , really they are working hard for students. 4)Use "Classic guide" for 11th ,12th ( maths, physics, chemistry,) And use "Don" guide for (Tamil) and use "Way to success or sura guide" for (English),,,, Since, I'm a (B group) student , so I don't know about Biology subjects ... 5) Pradeep sir , Bala sir, Prabhu sir, Thirumurugan sir are strict... But a kind hearted persons.🤗 6) I'm promising , for girls those who are looking for safety , here 💯% safe not like other schools ( believe me) don't judge this school by looking or thinking.... 7) If still having doubt go and ask anyone who lives in Chengalpattu , is Little Jacky school good ? They will answer , teachers are strict some will beat , 6pm only school leaves you, Disciplined, it's a jail , No enjoyment... These will be the answers... Don't miss this school. 8) If anyone ask me which school did you studied ? I answers little Jacky ... One second they will looks you with proud and respects you💯% 9) Join with good friends ( extra tip) + 10) Jackson sir is really cool and understand your situation and make friendly. 11) Don't forget to put ID card + don't change or tailor your uniform and keep decent hairstyle (severe punishment will be given if you beak these rules) don't FORGET and finish your Home assignment. Fact: The more you feel the pain today , You will be stronger the next day ... Thank you... All the things written by me is 💯% true - By your EX Student...