Buddha Hr-Thirumazhisai

Poonamallee, Tamil Nadu -




2.8 Based on 8 reviews
bestie 30 – 2 years ago

I am a student or a staff or a parent of the student of this school. I'm going to say honestly about this school. 1. Increasing fees and getting fees by tellling special class and smart class. But no special class and smart class. 2. Worst infrastructure. 3. Poor teachers. They are unexperienced. 4. High van fees. 5. Worst principal(present). 6. Telling CBSE and following cce pattern. 7. If your children has talent also, they will loose it if you joined them in this school. 8. In every school, the admissions will increase year and year. But in this schoool, the admissions will getting decreased. 9. No play time for childrens. 10. Worst behavior to parents from staffs. 11. Free yoga and karate class. But the class is totally waste. No promotion in belt in karate. Worst Master. The master is not even fit. No more points to say about this school..

D J – a year ago

Actually not a well trained school

Chinnathambi C – 3 years ago

School is okay up to 5th std. Higher class is not better.

Raghu Pathi – 4 years ago

Excellent school

monika ethiraj – 4 years ago