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Sahaj Umang Singh Bhatia – 8 months ago

Went there to get vaccinated. Very impressed to see the school infrastructure, greenery and cleaniness maintained. Green spaces and lots of plants in the inner courtyard make for a very peaceful environment. Vaccination room was the auditorium and also very well maintained.

Saurabh Vishwakarma – 4 months ago

Good experience here visit first time for 2nd dose vaccination staff is good and cooperative. Thanks, Saurabh

Angry Gamer – 7 months ago

Reached for vaccinations staff is very helpful. And this center isn't crowded as much. Take your aadhar and appointment with you. Parking can be a problem. Do eat breakfast and carry prescription of medicines if you take. Doctors are there to guide you. If you take high blood pressure medicines & above 60 they won't give vaccine to you & ask to get vaccinated in hospital under doctors supervision.

pradeep chaudhary – 6 months ago

Today I got vaccinated there....really what I was thinking for Mr. Kejriwal ji is totally different what I have shownToday....really appreciated. I don't think any private vaccinations center would have these fabulous service in Delhi especially..staffs are also doing great 👍 A big salute to Delhi CM for arranging great facilities 👏👍

shalini panjiyar – 5 months ago

Very clean and disciplined place went for vaccination and loved the service provided by the team