Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu -




4.1 Based on 25 reviews
Amber Lueth – a year ago

Interesting curriculum and mostly good teachers, with a pretty good student–faculty ratio. However, the foreign language class selection is woefully small, with only Chinese and Spanish being offered. While a good international school that is sure to get students into top schools (if that's what you're after), I personally do feel like the culture becomes quite over-competitive once you enter high school, as each student begins to do everything for service hours, the college application, and their GPA. Also the food is overly expensive and not good.

Celine Chu – 7 months ago

it could be better

Venus Chan – a year ago

I am an ex-student, and this school never gave me a memorable experience, rather one that needs to be forgotten. It's a school with a good building design, but awful education system. They push a leftist idealogy onto students and the staff can barely even speak English. (except for teachers)

caitlin tan – 2 years ago

i used to be a student here and when i moved somewhere else, i realised how much i appreciate concordia and the teachers and students are all amazing ◡̈

David Martínez-Montt – 2 years ago

So cool place, spent there a course as an international student and found myself so grateful and amazed with the people in charge and students. Defenitely one of the coolest schools on city.