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4.2 Based on 61 reviews
Valauthem Velen – 11 months ago

Best school in Aaranthagi. Provides value based education and creative and innovative teaching methodologies enhances thw skills for my child. Highly recommended school

Nithila Senthilkumar – 11 months ago

Excellent coaching and very effective teaching methodology. My daughter is very keen to go to school every day.

IRFAN SAHIR – 11 months ago

KG kids learn montessori method teaching which makes a kid think individually and do creativity in their life.

Muthu Muthuvel – 11 months ago

Well trained teachers, affordable fees and safe environment . I grateful to put my child in this school

Shiva yanam – 2 years ago

My son is studying here from the beginning. Shivaani is like a school,but not a school. Money minded management. No any principals stay there for 2 years, completely. Running away from there by the management's poor approach. Teachers are recruited in lower salary with less efficiency and experience. Everything they do for name sake and advertisement. This is the only school taking students for field trip to gain profit out of it. In short, it is money making trading centre,not school.