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Priya Prakash – 2 weeks ago

I am a former student of arbis ...if you want your child to have a healthy environment..please don't enrol your kid here...the teaching is fine..but the attitude of the teacher..nd their behaviour is the worst....I am happy that I changed my school...I truly understand what a school is just now 😂 ...until my tenth I hated school but it turns out..I don't hate school I just hate the teachers of arb....their eyes staring at students all the felt like jail ..most teachers took out their anger on us....they don't give proper receipt for our payments...even if we ask..they don't give a proper answer.....they make children stand outside if the fees payment is delayed (I saw my friends experience this) Beating the children if they get low marks.....nd if the parent says not to beat their children the teachers shame them in class ..... Also I have to say an incident....i heard....a teacher asked this to 2nd grade child..."are you a college student...y do u have this hairstyle " seriously have some sense ,how would a 2nd grade child answer this ....the child was shamed in the junior's assembly...also the management got full fees (mostly) during covid time ..yet the salary of the teachers,drivers,aunties weren't paid the actual amount but lesser than what they deserved....the teachers did their best during online classes..nd they deserved better...... If you want your child to grow up in a healthy environment ....please don't En roll them here...if grades are alone important then there is nothing I can say... But I will treasure the good memories in it forever 💓

AnonymousMissy 123 – 3 months ago

I've known this school in many ways for more than 8 years I do not recommend to join

Smart Lfe – 3 months ago

Ruthless institution where even children's career is not spared for money. Only earning money is the purpose of school, my children are still afraid of school, I wish I didn't get into the big name affair, my children would not have to sit at home anymore.

Devaki Devi – a year ago

Clean & Green Campus Good Management Good Principal Well Experience Teacher Good Education Totally Best school in Pollachi Taluk

IQBAL Hazira – a year ago

Good Education for all Children's...Best School for CBSE Curriculum...Green Campus...Good Infrastructure...well experience Principal & Teachers...Best coaching for IIT & NEET Exams...Nice Management...