3.9 Based on 166 reviews
Meenakshi Rajeev – 2 weeks ago

As a parent, I am really impressed with the physical education routines implemented by the school. Despite the restrictions in online mode of education, the teachers have made great efforts to deliver it in a way the child can understand. It is difficult to engage tiny tots for too long in this mode but the kids have been super enthusiastic in participating in all activities Kudos to all involved. I am very happy with SSRVMBE.

saravanan chandrasekhar – 2 weeks ago

SSRVM-BE is one of the best schools. The management and teachers are very supportive and easily approachable . The teachers use the method of experiential learning which is based on learning by doing. Through experiential learning children get the opportunity to engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially and physically. As a parent I am totally impressed with SSRVMBE and feel proud to have made the perfect choice for my kid.

Edwin Paul – 2 weeks ago

SSRVM BE always lays emphasis on value based education and community service to mould the personality of children, shape their future and help them to tackle difficult situations with ease. At SSRVM they learn essential values like kindness, compassion and empathy through many stories and activities. It helps them to find their true purpose towards serving society and doing their best to become better citizens.

Suri Babu – 8 months ago

With the kind of books they recommend, with the kind of education they teach - I don't feel they are preparing next gen kids. I feel no parent is happy.

Vedant – 3 months ago

I had been studying in ssrvm from past 12 years, from my nursery to 9th standard, The teachers are good at explanation We had enough extra curricular activities ,field trips and all those other things which aren't considered important but actually are You know, you never get to experience these after 12th The fees were little high, they charged almost (I guess) 1.5 lakhs/ year ( FOR 9TH) everything provided inside was maintained well They had a huge huge ground with basketball, tennis, cricket, football,long jump Probably all popular sport's The school is situated in a very very isolated and peaceful area, Covered with plants and makes it even better All these 12 years Went very very well I wouldn't prefer a below average student going to this school as, it's hard to cope up and they might remove you This school will very well be suited for a average student and above average Overall had a great experience! Cheers 🥂