4.1 Based on 75 reviews
Harshi Randeri – 2 weeks ago

Best school for nurturing child's mind and providing better facilities for education which leads from pre primary to higher secondary

pragya sharma – 2 years ago

Very nice school..friendly environment..educated staff ND teachers

Ritik Lakhani – 7 years ago

Superb school very strict rules so nobody can do mischief.

ishvari solanky – 5 years ago

Good environment for little one. teachers are also good...

Os N – 5 years ago

2 Star for Building and space,Education and Management are not proper and to a degree POOR,Dharmesh Vyas was good but after that no proper management,Subject teachers are changed almost every 15 days,child has to adjust to a new teacher every 15 days & so,Teachers are not paid well so u get amateur teachers with little or no experience,prizes or certificates are awarded to ONLY fellow teacher's children or ''saga-whahala'' , if u r not a teacher or influential person ur kid however good he does,will never get any appreciation,Wasted my child 2 years in here,don't go by outer looks of building and etc,ITS NOT WORTH IT,DONT WASTE A CHILD'S FUTURE IN HERE.Management only interested in cheap salary teachers and parents fees ,only profit making this type of school,EDUCATION IS ZERO.