4.1 Based on 131 reviews
Ayan manna XII-C-27 – 3 months ago

Diamond harbour high school is so beautiful and nice place for all students

SUBRATA NASKAR – 3 months ago

Old institute and nice

Ajoy Manna – 11 months ago

It is not a good school.Only the history(past) is good but not present. No benefits. But it is famous for good hs result. ☹️

cure fast – 7 months ago

Our school is always best.

Mr Mukto – 10 months ago

Very nice School 😍πŸ₯° I joined in this School on 2010, class V, Teachers are so Friendly πŸ€— & Madams are so CuteπŸ˜….... However we have a Special group & Very Enjoyed us.....