3.9 Based on 150 reviews
Rajiv Thakur – 10 months ago

I am seeking for admission and administration not clarify that seats available or not. Dear sir/madam people wants transparency. Diplomatic answer not works everywhere. Yes or no will suffice the purpose.

Falguni Shrimankar – in the last week

Very nice school

YASH PATEL – a year ago

I loved bright school bcz the teaching system is very excellent. Me and my friends missed this school very much bcz our childhood was in this school#brightians

Omkar K – a year ago

Hello everyone an honest review from my side this school is just a clickbait.

Dave Patidar – 2 years ago

I have been in the school as a student for 7.5 years. Our earlier principal was way more better in governing the school, dealing with difficulties, talking with the teachers and students. The current principal, lacks some of these qualities. Since the principal has changed, a lot of improvements had been done to the infrastructure any many more. As and behalf of a student, we do not look forward how we are being mistreated in school by some of our teachers. Some teachers will go beyond and help you, no matter what your difficulty is, but some will make sure that you do not succeed in their class. Talking about the classroom behavior, teachers still treat grade 10s, 11s, and 12s as 'small kids'. Boys are made to oil their hair everyday, if not, then get ready to sign a note from your child that day. Although we pay the fees on time many times the food is not served adequately. I encourage you to bring water along with you as the water from your home would taste much better than provided here . Boys and girls are made to seat differently in the class away from each other. They're not allowed to play along with each other too. Taking into consideration about the subjects and studies, some teachers are not educated enough or have the mastery to teach the subjects they're teaching. English is a mandatory language to coverse in here, but nobody, except who work in the office abide by it. Overall, Bright Day School, Vasna does not offer you the best environment and moral values for your child. If you want to educate and groom your child here, be ready for everybody to judge him/her upon the marks. This is just an honest opinion on behalf of many students and parents.