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In 1756, two maths took a long journey and established schools in many places. The most important of these two is the famous Fredrik C. Schwartz, who arrived in Trichy in 1761 and founded the church and school in 1772 from the Nawab of Arcot. Tharaja Maharajah, a Maratha ruler of Thanjang, was born in Thanjay by Frederick C.Swartz. According to the request of Sullivan, Rev. Frederick C. Schwartz, Tanjai Magnobunzaswad, in 1784 provincial school, Provincial school). It is the traditional school of this provincial school that is now St. Peters School, which is based in the center of Tanjore. Friedrich C. Schwartz gave them good cooperation and assistance from the Tanjore Maratha Royal Family. Sarabhoji Maharaja donated his own land to build this provincial school. The Indian company also provided special grants for the construction of the school. This Maganapalli was later converted to a place called Kathiyappuraadi (Ammanpettai), then to the place where the Master Ram Madi (English Teacher who lived in Tanjore) on the current Northern road. 1makarnonpucavati 2.Kottai-North road meeting 3karantattankuti 4kilavacal 5.Article Campus These five branches are currently located at the Northern Road, Kowalawal, and the Palace complex only This school has an important place in Indian history and a unique history that is the first English school to be established in today's integrated India. The school was specially upgraded to 1864, but in 1908 the college was closed down due to inadequacy. The current large ground in the palace complex, formerly known as the Huzur Mahal Garden Park, belongs to the Maratha family. In 1924, the school was given a lease in the school of the year 2000. The first Interact Club in the world, the Youth Wing, was started by the school principal Pandian in 1962. This school has been created by many different achievements in the field. We believe that this functioning school will be more efficient and many centuries to create and develop many more

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