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Rebecca Seidel – 3 months ago

TWO MONTHS LATER - they sent me a yahoo email address after this review, then never responded to my email to them. The company is now trying to hire her as a permanent employee and cannot get in touch with them either. This woman's father paid well for her education to give her opportunities. Why won't the school bother to look at their records and confirm this? **** I have been trying to verify someone's education there and they won't even answer my emails. The woman tells me it is a very good school and the best in the area when she attended, but what good is an education if They are not willing to back it up for employment eligibility? I hope they will answer me soon so this former student doesn't lose her job opportunity.

Christopher Liguori – 3 months ago

Terrible communication. One of our associates is about to lose her job because this school cannot provide verification of graduation/completion. We need to show proof of graduation and they do not respond to our requests for this simple information. This is no way to treat your former students, you are directly costing one of your former students a good job.

Khushboo Patel – a year ago

Best memories created since childhood. One of the best school.

shiraz bacha – 2 years ago

I love my school very much. I have passed my 14 golden years in this school & I am proud to be a convent student. My school days were my best days. During my schooling period I was having loving & great experienced teachers. Very nice surrounding. I can never repay what my school has given me.

Meet Shah – 4 months ago

A government english medium school