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Jones Joseph – 6 months ago

Purely from my first visit to the school. Haven't applied for kids' admission as such but from a first impression of the campus visit. Looks like a well endowed school in terms of the building and the playground. These are extremely important infrastructure. From what I could understand it is a good school. It looks like a school that's in a calm and quiet surrounding and also close to nature.

Aarniya Shah – a year ago

Literally the kids are not at all disciplined. The culture of the students if you understand what i mean by culture(relationships of teenagers) is very poor. Studies are left aside and affection is seen between students. On my visit to the school students were found roaming on the ground without teacher's knowledge. If you want to put your child in a better school then Xavier's (sector 8) or Mount Carmel(sector 21) would be better. Lastly DON'T RISK YOUR CHILD'S FUTURE.

Raju Rajpurohit – 8 months ago

Are you looking for your KID - Option 1 - Amenities like a green ground and large building, OR Option 2 - Good education, Better Management, and Required Amenities (Ground, Classes, and Commute). If you looking for OPTION 1 - This school will be perfect for your choice. They are still following their old standards/rules and ethics as their website. You can search youtube, there are lots of videos about this school. They have taken Virtual Meeting for my kid admission. The Person from Senior management was asking about my BUSINESS, Business affected from COVID or Not, My Annual Earnings, looking for english speaking people (they want parent should speak in English). They continued asking about my wealth only, not asked much about my kid. They will put you on HOLD for about 1 month and take an interview of your child (as prohibited by ACT RTE 2009). We are living in India and our national language is HINDI. I have noticed some people come from rural areas and were not able to complete graduation (30 years ago) due to many issues. After this, we have decided that we will not admit our kid to this school. We were looking for a CBSE school (with a ground) and found another one. We have found a good school. We will spend saved money on other learning activities. Don't entertain these termites, they will eat your money slowly.

Aryan !!!!! – a year ago

Adani 2K17 Hillwoods Gandhinagar ♥️

Jyotika Thaker – a year ago

To all the teachers of Hillwoods: A big Thank you from we; the parents, for making arrangements so that our kids can study and make the best of their time. Its so good to see the school authority n staff making studies the topmost priority and giving a part of their family time to our kids. A Very few schools have come forward with such an initiative. Commendable. A big appreciation to the Hillwoods staff. Jyotika Thaker.