4.4 Based on 100 reviews
Rajneesh – 4 months ago

It's my pleasure to give a compliment to this school but really it's Chandigarh no 1 school becz of students discipline, the hardwork of students and teachers and the principal.

Parul Thakur – 7 months ago

I’m not a student, neither am I a staff member. This school was the vaccination centre for me. It’s pretty hard to find on google maps, and nowhere it’s mentioned that it is vaccination centre. Although I was here for vaccine, yet I checked out the place, and really liked it. Campus was clean green and well maintained.

Harshit Miglani – 4 months ago

From outer side building is good but from inside their toilet are totally waste flush is not having water and bathroom is like dustbin garbage all over water tap is running water drum is full and still water is overflowing

Ajay Kumar – 9 months ago

Hello mam good morning

Rajesh Kumar – 2 years ago

It is a Good school in the area. It is situated in the good location. Good environment for students. School campus is very neat and clean. Teaching staff of the school is very helpful. Administration system is also good. This school is very best for the development of the students.