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4.3 Based on 38 reviews
afroz ahmed – 9 months ago

I know this school is very good so I will give 5 stars

MUBASHIR BOSS YT – a year ago

I like this school very much but some ustaads are not behaving properly with an student no p.t no games only social social social students are ignoring that soo I want to change that school inshallah

Nasim al fahad – a year ago

Its an govt school with PTA management. Government teachers show support and interest with students and they are friendly with students.And pta principal is too harsh with students.He wont even show kindness toward student and due to this evey student dislike him and sometimes he beat the student untill he cries for NO reason. Instead of beating he can encourage the student a lot by showing kindness and motivate with student. They ask twelve thousand fee for 11th and same for 12th which is huge amount because many student parents are not educated and earn daily wage for their living. *not harming any one but this happened with me in 2 years. though it has good educated teachers with high qualification.

mubashir game marzi – 2 years ago

I am warning u don't join this school this school is very bad

Rejaul Karim – a year ago

Very nice this school